Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yankee Meadows...Summer campout 2010 :)

This summer our family had our annual family campout at Yankee Meadows...a tradition we look forward to every year!! The kids had a ton of fun riding fourwheelers, hiking, roasting marshmellows, playing with their cousins and eating yummy dutch oven meals. I am sure thankful for my wonderful family and the fun memories weve made this summer :)

Hiking anyone??

At the beginning of the summer I set myself a goal to get in least to try and lose the "pear" in order to do this My family and I have been going on LOTS of hikes!! Talk about fun...I loved to hike as a teenager and spent many hours roaming the hillsides of Colorado City with my best friend Ginger...I kind of fell out of the groove once I got married and started having children. The past few months I have gotten back into the groove and BOY is it ever fun...definitely makes me realize how out of shape I am...but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger...right?? Anyhew... a few weeks ago we decided to attempt Angels Landing in Zions. I was a little nervous wondering if I could REALLY hike that far but equally excited!! It was a TON of fun...and SO beautiful and peaceful at the top...definatley a hike I would do again!!