Thursday, April 16, 2009

Can you say...AHHHHHHHHHH!

Last week I was sitting at the kitchen table eating my breakfast when I looked out the window and saw this! At first I thought maybe a water pipe had broken or something but upon looking a little closer I noticed the water was coming through the neighbors block wall. After a few phone calls we discovered that a canal pipe that runs in back of our wall had either broken or gotten plugged with debree. Kim rushed home from work in a panic and called our homeowners insurance only to find out it doesn't cover external water sources. Once the city finally got the water shut off we stressed out about our wall collapsing but so far everything looks OK. Schewwwww .....Talk about a crazy day!

Rice Krispies...YUM yum

Alley and Janette are best buddies. Every time they get together they LOVE to cook. They were having so much fun making rice crispies. It's fun to see some of the interesting things they make. their fruit soup, pineapple cheese delight, jello volcano, just to name a few. Awwww the joys of childhood..Makes ya want to be a kid again just for a day huh?

Poor little doggy

The other day Jenna and Alley had our little dog Roxy up in their bedroom playing dressup. She looked so darn cute I had to snap a picture. They had a diaper on her and everything...She doesn't look too happy about it all. LOL

Alley loves Soccer!

Alley reminded me at least a hundred times through the winter months that she wanted to do soccer in the spring...So i didn't forget to sign her up. Yeah Me! People that know me know I have the onset to dementia...hee hee maybe my patients at work are rubbing off on me or something? jk Any hew...Alley LOVES to play soccer. Here is a snapshot of her team. They are 3rd and 4th graders...except for little Audrey Lance (a second grader) Alley is one TALL girl. I am hoping that keeping her involved in sports like soccer, basketball and volleyball will boost her confidence and self esteem. She is such a sweetheart. We love you Alley! You Go GIRL!!

Neighborhood HEN PARTY:)

Ok, so i don't mean to brag or nuthin but I sure love the neighborhood I live in. There is not one neighbor on my street that I wouldn't trust or that I don't consider my friends. Thats a good feeling, especially when your raising a family. Last night most of the Moms on our street,(and Holli)hee hee (she didn't want to feel left out) met at the Pizza Factory in St George for some much needed "Mom Time". It was so much fun to just get away and visit or as Kim calls it, "Have a hen party." hee hee The food was de-lisc-ious! I'm thinking we should make this a monthly meet at eachothers house for board games or movies or recipe swap...crafts, ya know...whatever sounds fun.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Cricker Attire...hee hee

Today has been a lazy hum drum day. I was surfin the net and came across this web site. I thought it was interesting. If ya ever wanted to learn how to do "Plig braids" then this web site is for you:) Ok Ok everybody who knows me knows that I am just poking fun...I still love my Family and friends...Once a cricker always a cricker..Take a peek just for kicks:)just copy the link and paste it into your search bar.