Saturday, February 14, 2009

15th Ward Christmas Dinner

Alley and Jenna (two little angels) Cant ya see their halos?


Will playing "Peek a Boo" under his shepherd wrap:)

Yum Yum The dinner was deliscious!

Just a few pics from our ward Christmas party. I am so grateful to be in this ward. It takes a village to raise a child and I am so glad I belong to this one. They are just like family to me.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house.....

Well since I am in the blogging mode tonight I figured I would post a few long over due pics of Christmas. We had a great Christmas. The kids wanted to sleep downstairs by the tree. Kim is always joking around so in his picture with the kids they decided to pull the "Is this all I got in my goody bag" face. It is so rewarding having kids! We are very blessed:)

All I want for Christmas is.....

Jenna lost both her front teeth the same day. One was loose and the other one she twisted and pulled until it came out. OUCH! She has lost 9 teeth now and she is only in Kindergarten. Poor little kid about needs to be put on a puree only diet..just kidding. It didn't stop her from performing at Hurricane Idol this year. I will post the video of her practicing when I can figure out how to post a video;) Jenna is our most independent kid and we all love her so very much!

Holli's Room

When we asked Holli what she wanted for Christmas this past December she thought about it for a minute and said, "Hummmm I think I perty much have everything I need and want, BUT there is one thing I know you wont let me get." She said it was the "IN THING" right now in her freshman year of high school to RE DO your room into a more Adult looking room and not "6th grade" look. ALL she wanted was to re paint, carpet, new furniture, curtains, pictures for the wall and that about does it. Well, that definitely wasn't gonna happen. SO, we compromised and agreed to buy her a much needed bed IF she paid half of it. She has been babysitting and doing lots of extra chores to pay it off. Once she paid off the bed she started earning money for a new bed spread, curtains and frames from the iron station. This has been her main focus for a few months now. It's amazing how determined she can be when she sets her mind to something. All in all I think it turned out perty cute. It is still a work in progress. She is saving up to get curtains for her other window. Her bed is really comfy too...(The other night after watching TV for a few hours Kim and I walked into our room to find all four girls in OUR bed fast asleep SO...we decided we would just go sleep in Holli's bed.) It was kinda fun for a change.

Alley's new hair color

Ok, so about a month ago I was walking by Alley's room one night and I could hear her softly crying. After asking her what was wrong she replied, " Every night I lie in here and cry to myself because I just want to be like Holli. I want to have my hair colored just like hers so that it will just boost my self confidence." I had to laugh, inside of course, so I didn't " de-boost her self confidence" hee hee. I explained to her that when you are in high school, image is a big deal and Holli just needed a simple change to help her self confidence.I also told her it ruins your hair to constantly change your hair color. Alley has beautiful hair but I couldn't convince her the color was pretty. She didn't think life was fair at all. After a month of moaning and groaning about it I gave in and bought a box of Loreal at Walmart. It only took about 30 mins start to finish. I figured dying it a darker shade just once would not do too much damage. I was surprised how pretty it looked when I was all done. she says it did the trick and her self confidence is boosted. Hey whatever it takes to keep the peace right?

Club Volleyball "Round 2"

Following in Holli's foot steps, Lindsay wanted to sign up for club volleyball this year. After a ton of hesitation (because of the expense) we agreed. I am glad we did now because she is totally loving it and looks forward to practice's and especially the tournaments. Lindsay is such a social butterfly who is happy as a pig in mud when she is surrounded by friends. This past weekend they went to their first tournament in Las Vegas. They took first place and were undefeated! Way to Go , Wahoooo. Not to shabby for their first game. Next weekend they have another all day tournament in Salt Lake City. I am hoping to have a few scheckles stashed away so we can make it to the tournament. There is a great group of kids on her team with good parents. I hope she has fun and makes lasting friendships and memories.