Friday, February 13, 2009

Club Volleyball "Round 2"

Following in Holli's foot steps, Lindsay wanted to sign up for club volleyball this year. After a ton of hesitation (because of the expense) we agreed. I am glad we did now because she is totally loving it and looks forward to practice's and especially the tournaments. Lindsay is such a social butterfly who is happy as a pig in mud when she is surrounded by friends. This past weekend they went to their first tournament in Las Vegas. They took first place and were undefeated! Way to Go , Wahoooo. Not to shabby for their first game. Next weekend they have another all day tournament in Salt Lake City. I am hoping to have a few scheckles stashed away so we can make it to the tournament. There is a great group of kids on her team with good parents. I hope she has fun and makes lasting friendships and memories.

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