Thursday, June 2, 2011

The new man in my life :-)

My little sister Janetta (aka Nettie)gave birth to a beautiful baby boy last Monday. She invited me to attend the birth. What an awesome experience..the closest thing to heaven! I absolutley love babies and would have 10 more if I could find me a good guy..hee hee (jk) Love this little guy and looking forward to being his Auntie!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jenna's Baptism

On December 4th, Jenna had a special she has looked forward to for a long time! She was baptised a member of the LDS church. She is the last of my girls to be it was a bittersweet moment for me. The spirit was really strong there!! We had alot of friends and family attend..perfect weather and everything just fell into place. I am SO thankful for so many wonderful friends and ward members who are just like family to me. When all the men stood in a circle and layed their hands on her head to do the confirmation, it was a total 'goosebump' moment for sister Rula said she felt the same way. The spirit of the Holy Ghost was so strong and such an awesome peaceful feeling. I am so thankful for the gospel in my life! I was a convert and it has been the best decision I have ever made.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

St George Marathon 2010

For the past three years my daughters and I have volunteered to help at the St George Marathon. It has been SUCH a wonderful experience filled with unbelievable stories of perseverance, dedication, and everyone has their own reasons for running 26 miles! This years marathon was no exception..My daughters Lindsay and Alley and I met "Sam" (my CNA instructor) in St George around 5am the morning of the marathon..after carpooling 15 minutes towards Veyo we stopped at mile marker 13 of the marathon route..the station we do each year. The excitement in the air was so contagious as we felt bus after bus WIZ by us in the darkness of the morning hours. After setting up our station with a few tables, canopy, chairs, oxygen, lots of icy hot and bengay for sore muscles..blister stickers ready..Vaseline on tongue depressors and so much more we had maybe 30 mins before the first runner could be seen coming up the road with a police he passed everyone cheered, whistled and clapped, encouraging him on! It was SO fun to see the excitement in my girls more and more runners started to whiz by we found ourselves SO busy that we forgot about food, pain of kneeling on asphault, the heat of the day..ALL that seemed to not matter..serving others who had worked so hard to accomplish this marathon was a complete joy for us! This year really went by fast..after the last runner passed we cleaned up our station and all went to ChuckaRama for lunch to celebrate another successful yr of helping someone in need! :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hiking The Narrows in Zions :)!!!

WOW! What a rush to hike the narrows...If you haven't ever hiked it...I highly recommend it!! ((4 sure)) So a month or so ago..Holli and good friend of mine all 3 decided we were gonna hike the narrows! What a great experience!! The scenery thru the canyon is breathtaking...not to mention the experience of walking Thur rushing water for miles and miles!! We talked and talked which made the day go by faster...half way into the hike we stopped for a quick bite to eat! :) If I had the chance to hike it again...I WOULD!! We topped off the night by eating at "pizza noodle" in Springdale..Yum! I cant wait until our next new found love!!

Camping in Bryce Canyon

A few months ago our family decided to go on an overnight campout to Bryce..It was the first time Me or the girls had ever been. We packed up the mini van with enough bedding luggage and food for a week...even though we only planned on staying one night. We were hoping to stay in one of the campgrounds inside the park..but upon arriving realized they were all full...We drove around hoping to magically find an empty campground spot...but no such luck! We decided we would look around the park a bit and then maybe just head on down the road 5 or 10 miles and camp and one of the campgrounds outside the park...but on our way we spotted these wicked cool T-pees which looked like you could rent we decided "just for fun" we would check it out! They did have just one more OR we could rent a darling little cabin for just a little more sheckles. After discussing it for a minute we decided it would be SO much fun for the kids..there was also a pool right next door..HECK YES! That's my way to camp! We warmed up some homemade potato soup and rolls..yum! Then went swimmimg for an hour os so and topped off the night with a card game "skipbo" The cabin just felt like home!!..for such a tiny little room I was surprised how smoothly everything went and how well everyone got along! The next day we wrapped everything up and drove to all the look out points in the park....and even decided to do a 2 mile hike with the girls...The scenery was breath taking...We had a safe drive home...and just really enjoyed spending quality family time!! :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yankee Meadows...Summer campout 2010 :)

This summer our family had our annual family campout at Yankee Meadows...a tradition we look forward to every year!! The kids had a ton of fun riding fourwheelers, hiking, roasting marshmellows, playing with their cousins and eating yummy dutch oven meals. I am sure thankful for my wonderful family and the fun memories weve made this summer :)